Eugloh Rush game

Pharmaceutical Rush Business Game

In a team of European students, participants manage the marketing strategy of a virtual pharmaceutical company, and compete against other teams for the first place from the 13th to the 16th of January.

This serious game on Pharmaceutical Marketing is an online management simulation, focused on marketing strategy. It helps participants to develop their understanding and command of the whole marketing decision-making process for health products and drugs, from strategy design to sales execution.

During 7 rounds over 3 days, teams of students are competing for the leadership position at the end of the game (winning criteria is the share price).

Since teams are composed of members from several universities, students will also benefit from virtual mobility and an intercultural experience. An expert (Mrs. Vera DICKMAN) will lecture students on interculturality during the kick-off and the debriefing sessions.

Undergraduate students (3rd year), Master and PhD Students from faculties of various fields in Global Health (Economy, Marketing & Sales, Business management, Bioinformatics… to Medicine and Pharma) are welcome, no prior skills in marketing or drug management are required.

Please see the full video of the last edition here.

More information and registration here.

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